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Inventories of the Prints and Drawing Collections in the HelveticArchives

With HelveticArchives the inventories of the Print and Drawing Collections show a large part of their portrait photographs as well as views of landscapes and localities.

Within the photographs there are portraits of meaningful Swiss personalities. Many of the portraits were made by renowned photographers such as Paul Bonzon (Lausanne, 1916/17), Albert Teichmann (Basel, around 1914-18), Fred Boissonnas (Genf, around 1918), Madame d’Ora (Wien, around 1920), Gaston de Jongh (Lausanne, around 1930), Willy Maywald (Berlin, 1948), Albert Renger-Patzsch (Essen, around 1940), Giro Annen (Bern, 1990ff.), Laurence Bonvin (Genf, 2004), Clair Cuti (Genf, 2003), Andri Pol (Basel, 2003), Gian Paolo Minelli (Chiasso, 2003), Florio Pünter (St. Moritz, 2003), Christian Scholz (Zürich, 2003), Marco Schibig (Bern, 2003), Nicole Zachmann (Zürich, 2003).

The Federal Archives of Historical Monuments (FAHM), which was integrated into the Print and Drawing Collections in 2007, displays selected historical photographs from a comprehensive photographic collection of some one million images. In addition to postcards (including aerial photographs) from the Photoglob Wehrli collection (between 1889-1969), you can also view photographs from the very high-quality collections of Eduard Spelterini, ballooning pioneer, (between 1893-1926) and Rudolf Zinggeler (between 1890-1936). Aerial photographs from the Canton Ticino taken by the Air Service Dübendorf in 1971 are also available for consultation. The collection of Rosmarie Spycher-Gautschi (between 1950-2001) is also available for research purposes (no pictures).

Various Memoriav projects supported the restoration and digitalization of a selection of the historical portraits as well as landscape photography.

We would further like to note that some of the datasets were imported from different electronic findings. The integration and expansion of the cataloged inventory will be carried out – in the sense of a work in progress – on a continuous basis. Any information and comments from our users are always welcome.

HelveticArchives does not include posters and book inventories from the NL. Please consult the appropriate catalogs Helveticat and the Swiss Poster Collection (see Search in NL in the right column).

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