HelveticArchives - Online database maintaining the archival collections of the Swiss National Library (NL)

Collections of the Swiss Literary Archives (SLA) in HelveticArchives

The archival fonds and collections of the SLA (see the right column, NL search tools) contain the current overviews of the fonds and collections in the SLA. Several of them were also imported into HelveticArchives.

The literary and several other fonds and collections of the SLA are listed in HelveticArchives in summery descriptions, some of them already in detailed descriptions. Under "ISplus" in the archive plan you can find all the fond descriptions of the SLA from the "index of manuscripts"

Detailed fond and collection information can be found in the SLA archive plan sector "Personennachlässe und –archive" amongst others to the artworks of Friedrich Dürrenmatt and his library collection. Also included are the inventories of Carl Albert Loosli, the Swiss Rilke archive, Alice Rivaz and to Anemarie Schwarzenbach. In particular there are over 7000 photographs of Annemarie Schwarzenbach which are part of her literary fond. They were digitalized within a Memoriav project.

In the archive plan sector "Institutionsarchive" you can find the significant archive of the university library of Fribourg (L.U.F.), and in the sector "Einzeldokumente" single acquisitions since 1989 of the SLA are listed that are not related to a fond or collection.

Further fonds and documents are continuously added to HelveticArchives.

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