HelveticArchives - Online database maintaining the archival collections of the Swiss National Library (NL)

About ISplus and Index of manuscript collections

ISplus contains a wide range of information on Swiss heritage institutions (Archives, Libraries and Museums). The institutions are listed by canton in alphabetical order within the Archive Plan.

ISplus includes the

  • Index of manuscript collections held in libraries and archives in Switzerland.

The index of manuscript collections shows heritage institutions with extracts of their archival fond and collections.

The data is based upon the printed book version of 1992. In the meantime most of the archives, libraries and museums achieved new collections. Some of the institutions have registered their additions to the index of manuscript collections. These collections are now listed in Isplus / HelveticArchives. Not all institutions have made their registrations regularly, so that the content of the database is no longer complete. It is recommendable to consult the Websites of the particular institutions to find an overview of their current collections. The links to the institutions are implemented in the record of each institution.

Formular zur Anzeige eines neuen Nachlasses / eines neuen Archivs

Change notification for ISIL institutions

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