HelveticArchives - Online database maintaining the archival collections of the Swiss National Library (NL)

ISplus and Index of manuscript collections

ISplus is a comprehensive collection of information on Swiss memory institutions (archives, libraries and museums). You will find the institutions alphabetically arranged by canton in the archive map.

Integrated in ISplus is also the

  • Index of manuscript collections held in libraries and archives in Switzerland.

The repertory lists memory institutions together with selected archival holdings.

The data are based on the printed book edition of 1992. In the meantime, most archives, libraries and museums have taken over new archival holdings. Some institutions have reported their new acquisitions to the Repertorium, and these holdings are now tracked in ISplus / HelveticArchives. Not all institutions have done this systematically, so that the data stock has meanwhile become heterogeneous or incomplete. The repertory is therefore not continued and is closed. The links to the institutions are listed in ISplus / HelveticArchives.

Form for the notification of a new estate / a new archive

Mutation notification for ISIL institutions

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